The printing head assembly is one of the core assemblies of the machine, it is designed and manufactured to give quality printing results. The printing parameters are entered through a centralized panel for each head.
  • Each Printing Head Assembly is designed as independent modular system.
  • Operated with single A.C. Induction Motor (Standard) or Servo Motor (Optional)
  • Up to 3000 mm maximum repeat capability
  • Squeeze speed up to 3 Meters/Seconds
  • Maximum No. of Strokes 22 / Minute (up to 60” printing width)
  • Each printing head can be repeat set quickly without any auxiliary equipment.
  • Motion is transmitted to the squeeze through timing belts avoiding gear boxes resulting in smooth and noiseless operation.
  • The squeezes are adjustable to give even printing pressure on the screen.
  • All moving parts are engineered to provide optimum life and efficiency.